Correct your name with us to have the most harmonious and powerful positive results. Each and every alphabet has a numeric value and when we add all this numeric values it comes to a unique total which should match with our date of birth. In name the first alphabet of your name numeric value is more potent in the whole name, but the total of the whole name should match flawlessly. By addition or subtraction of any alphabets in your current name you can give get the most amazing and unbelievable positive results. Correct name will give you positive vibrations and can change your fortune and whole life in a very positive manner. This name change/correction in your personal name is absolutely necessary to achieve success, In business change of business name to gain wealth and prosperity. Name correction/change can help you in many ways, for example Name alteration/correction can be life changing for a particular person or business or may be a product.

  • If your marriage is getting delayed,
  • You are not gaining profits in your business,
  • Helps to improve your relationships,
  • Helps to increase and improve your sales/turnover
  • How to achieve desired career growth etc; the list is endless

Astrology is a science which deals in the effects of planets on living beings. To predict the planets' effects, one has to calculate the position of planets and their strengths. All India Astrological Services' horoscopes are known for their accuracy and quality of predictions.

Our horoscope predictions are based upon most exhaustive calculations, such as Shodasvarga Astavarga which provides different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details. The predictive part contains Dwadash Bhava, Dasa and transit Phal. In the Bhava Phal each house results are given separately, taking account of all planets and their aspects such that there are no contradictions.

All India Astrological Services' horoscope also contain Varsphal based on Tajak System. It includes Harsha Bala, Panchavargeeya Bala and Dwadasvargeeya Bala, Vareshwar determination, Sahams, Yogas, Patyamasa and Mudda Dasa along with the natal horoscope calculations and Vimsottari Dasa in Sookshma for the year concerned. It also provides monthly predictions along with monthly calculations. Horoscope matching is also one of the services offered by All India Astrological Services. Horoscopes of two individuals (male and a female) are matched for mutual compatibilty.

It provides information on how the two will relate in the future. It includes authentic analysis of various factors such as Ashtakoot and Manglik Dosh and tells what kind of partnership is suitable. It also suggests the remedial measures in case of strong Manglik defects. Another valuable service offered by us is "Nakshatra Phal" for newly born babies. It gives an analysis of the Nakshatra in which the child was born. It provides the "Paya" description and the effect of birth of child on parents, brothers and sisters. It also gives the lucky stone, colours, numbers, and mantras for the child.


Charts & Calculations

  • Basic Numerological Calculations
  • Ank Kundali
  • Numerological Life Graph
  • Adjustment of Name Number
  • Calculation of all lucky objects, Day/Date etc as per Numerology


  • Numerological Predictions
  • Adjustment of Name Number


  • Favorable time, favorable day, favorable dates
  • Friendship and partnership, love, marriage
  • Lucky vehicle number
  • Health and diseases, occupation
  • Fasts, stone, color, favorable lord and mantras
  • Material to be donated
  • Adjustment of name number to get favorable results
  • Vastu & Niwas
  • Herbal Wearings, Herbal Bath, Yantra